Our Journey

Our Journey

Welcome to WaveBoxx!
My name it Riley and I am the owner of WaveBoxx! When designing my brand I wanted to create jewelry in a new way!
I started my company during my junior year of high school in 2019! I lived in San Diego at the time and practically LIVED at the beach with my friends! All of us loved wearing jewelry but always run into the problem of the beautiful salt water tarnishing our necklaces and bracelets super fast. Unfortunately none of us could afford to spend a lot of money on jewelry at the time, and thats when the inspiration arose! I created a 100% waterproof design that eliminated unnecessary metals while still keeping the jewelry affordable! This design made my jewelry also super durable and so much easier to put on and take off! My design uses a slip knot instead of a classic clasp! Its is also adjustable from 12 inches to 26 inches! 
My Story
Crazy enough, this story starts when I was only 10! Ever since I was little I have always been super creative and loved being a little entrepreneur! In 4th grade I found a love for making duct tape creations and soon after discovered that I could sell them and people would actually buy them! From then on I grew a love for everything business! Throughout middle school and high school, started a few other small business but finally decided to make a career out of it and started up WaveBoxx!
At the time I started my small company, I was working part time at a local pizza shop and attending high school. With so many things going on it was difficult to manage everything at times especially my business and still manage to have a personal life. Although it was super hard and there were a lot of sacrifices that needed to be made, it was so worth it!! The past year has been a blast! Its been filled with so many amazing opportunities and great people with my same passion! I am so excited to see what the future has in store for me and my company and would love for you to join our journey!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will shipping take?

Domestic : Between 3-7 days

International : 2-4 weeks

Also take into consideration we also have a 1-3 day processing time to put packages together :) (The shipping time may vary depending on location and service selected)

Is the all the packaging eco friendly?

Yes!! We are big on creating a low waste option for jewelry lovers! Your package will be shipped in a 100% biodegradable mailer, and cushioned with crinkle paper for safe travels! We place all the pieces in a reusable muslim bag and also include an invoice that is made with recyclable paper!

How do I contact customer service?

The best way is through our email waveboxx2@gmail.com ! It may take a few days for us to get back due to how many inquires we receive in a day.

Caring for WaveBoxx jewelry guide!

Even though our jewelry is gold/silver plated and/or waterproof, we do still suggest taking certain precautions to avoid any issues. Try to avoid contact wit hash chemicals, handsanitizer, body care items that contain thick oils and/or fragrance.

Is wholesale available?

Of course! We aways loving creating wholesale orders for fun events like birthday parties, brides maids gifts, school events, etc. Email is at waveboxx22gmail.com for pricing details!

Return Policy

We would never want you to keep a jewelry piece that you don't 100% love. So we do accept returns! For us to proceed with the return, we must be contacted within 14 days after receiving the items, as while as the items should not show any damage. We will email you a shipping label, free of cost, and once we receive the package we can go forward with the return. You will be returned the full amount of the returned pieces not including original shipping cost.